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Super Bomberman R-eview

Mobile games have come along in leaps and bounds over the last few year, it seems not that long ago we were playing snake on a Nokia phone but now they are story driven, graphically impressive and have challenging gameplay.

The same can not be said for Super Bomberman R, a game that should be a AAA launch title for the Nintendo Switch.

This game is sold at a wopping $65 in Australia. Let's put that into perspective, Zelda is a game you should get 100s of hours of gameplay out of and it retails at around $89 on the same console so yeah its cheaper, but not that much especially considering the longevity.

Now this could be a brand thing, you know like buying a pair of Nike shoes because of the name. Bomberman is a classic well respected brand, but the size of this game and the limited appeal to me makes it little more than a mobile game with a popular brand attached to it. 

Having said that.. the graphics are so small its really hard to see anything on the console in mobile mode. 

The best part of this game is playing muliplayer, either as linked systems, online or split your controllers up and play together. It's great fun in this environment but still a steep price for a party game. 

I'm not going to give this game a rating, mainly because I think my decision making has been clouded by the feeling of being ripped off.