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Viral: Possum Runs Up Aussie Mums Skirt

This might just be the strangest "when cute little animals attack" video you have ever seen.

The video happened when a Mother and Daughter on the Sunshine Coast saw a baby possum being attacked by Magpies but when Mum ran over to help.. the possum saw it as an opportunity to hide.

The good intentions turned into a superbly funny TikTok reminiscent of the old "Funniest Home Videos" days. It just needed that quirky over the top voice over.


This video will never not make me laugh ##greenscreenvideo ##mum ##funny ##fyp ##possumattack

♬ Only Time - Enya

Straight up the dress to safety causing the woman to do her best impression of "Riverdance" and it's grabbing all the laughs with over 51 Million Views.


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