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Boy Hailed as Superhero by The Avengers !!

Not all heroes wear capes ...

Bridger Walker, a 6-year-old from Wyoming in the US, was at a neighbour's house when one of their dogs charged at his little sister. Bridger bravely put himself between his sister and the dog. Bridger received 90 stitches after the dog attack – but his heroic efforts meant his sister was spared.

Explaining his actions, Bridger said:

I stepped to the side, in front of my sister so the dog wouldn't get her. I kept moving, so it couldn't get past. If someone was going to die, I thought it should be me.

Bridger’s aunt thought, that although it was a “long shot”, she would post about her brave nephew on Facebook, reaching out to actors who had played Avengers superheroes on the big screen, so they could “learn about this latest addition to their ranks”.

And The Avengers have heard the call ...

Awwwww how awesome. Bridger deserves all the kudos he gets. Definitely a little Superhero.