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Mount Boulder ascent

I thought I better get in a few more of our mountains before it gets too hot again!

You can find the start of this track at the Mothar Mountain Rock Pools within Woondum National Park. It's about 20 minutes from Gympie but I warn you it's no leisurely stroll  - the signs stress it should only be attempted if you are "very fit". Why? It's relentlessly steep! You'll need good hiking shoes with grip and give to make sure you can tackle the scramble for the last 300 meters which is SUPER steep.  It's an Australian Grade 5 hike which will have you use all your limbs to get up the top - even my hands and fingers hurt the next day from climbing it - although I had to do it twice to film it for you!

Take a look for yourself!

Not sure if this one will be too hard core for you? That was my worry when reading about this climb online. Then when I started it I asked one bloke coming down who told me the last 300 meters is basically vertical, another climber said she almost gave up! I was a little freaked out by that thinking it might be like Mount Tibrogargan but in my opinion it isn't that bad  - it's the steepness that's the biggest issue so lemme put it this way, if you don't mind an intense cardio workout and getting some fresh air while you are doing it you will enjoy the challenge of this mountain! There is not much of a view at the top but when you do get there, walk behind the tower and you'll have a pretty gap in the trees showing Gympie in all its splendour.

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