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Mount Coochin twin peaks ascent

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It's another Glass House Mountain less traveled and it is due to the fact that officially there is no track made by Queensland Park and Wildlife Service, rather a goat track created by mountain climbing enthusiasts in the community. You aren't breaking any laws climbing it, but as there is no offical path it is not encouraged so be mindful of this if you choose to do so. As the saying goes 'take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints."

Personally, out of all my climbs it is my favourite so far with the best views. It's not an easy trek but not hard either. It has some fun scrambles where you'll use your hands and arms too but nothing that will cripple you if you have a fear of heights (or fear of falling, whichever way you want to look at it). Going up peak one is steep but easy, it will take you maybe 20 minutes. Going down the valley and up to peak two is a little more difficult and is where scrambling comes into play but if you think, go slow and look ahead at where the track is going you will have no difficulty staying on the goat track. Queensland Parks and Wildlife want me to reiterate that they do not want people to place any form of markers on the trees as sadly a lot of people don't clean up after themselves and it becomes litter. If you choose to climb the mountain, they ask that you refrain from doing this in any form.

Yes, looking up the second peak from the first you can see the path easily but looking back towards peak one, the steep drop into the valley obscures your view of the goat track substantially. I didn't go all the way down the way I went up and had to do a bit of bush bashing in the direction I knew the path was down the hill until I found it again which was a bit daunting.

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How do you find the place? Type into Google Maps 2672 Old Gympie Road, Beerwah. You'll see a post with the number on it and it will look like a driveway into a private residence but it will have no letterbox. Enter the gravel driveway and turn immediately to the right and you will see a carpark and a National Park sign. Follow the firebreak path when it forks to the left and you will see on your right hand side maybe 100 meters up a big tree and undoubtedly a pile of walking sticks laying up against it. There will be a goat track up into the bush. Follow it along and that will get you up peak one. I am told there is another goat track further down the firebreak which will take you up peak two first. It is a longer way which I did not try but the people I met along the way who had done it said it was longer but quieter again and they enjoyed it. 

Let me know how you go!