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Mt Beerburrum Lookout ascent


Want to do a leg workout but hate the gym? Want a challenge with a sweet payoff at the end? Like to feel accomplished? Then the steep 700m ascent up Mt Beerburrum to the fire tower lookout will sort you out! 💪

It's wayyyyy steeper than the video suggests. You'll need decent shoes to help steady your ankles as going down is just as intense on the legs!

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Not sure if this is for you? Well when it comes to the thrill of mountain climbing a path kinda kills that off but this climb isn't really about the mountain, it's more about the challenge of handling the steep relentless slope that is just as intense going up that is it down! If you want a good workout and it done quickly, this is for you. There is someone in the tower watching for fires etc so you give them a wave when you make it up the top!

What's your favourite mountain to climb? Let us know in the comments below!