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King Of The Mountain - Mt Cooroora


Mount Panorama/Pomona - the Sunshine Coast has its own King Of The Mountain race and it is also an epic feat! I can't believe someone has run up Mt Cooroora in around 20 minutes! 😱 I was the day of Bathurst so I thought I would give it a go!

I asked for your fastest time on Facebook and was given some great stories, including a bloke who would climb it with a bike on his back! 

Adrian Fogarty Did it in my 20’s and met an 80+ year old guy that was running back down and had his push bike on his back
Melinda Sweet I used to train three times a week running up that mountain. I'd be lucky to even make it up now! But I've got the certificate to prove it that I did the race 🙂. There were no steps or chains then though.
Estelle Schumacher Climbed it 15 times in my teens but never in a competitive way..... 40mins, includes a halfway break and sight seeing haha it would probably take me twice as long now!
Melinda Bingley 23mins is my best
Tony Harding Its an awesome adventure ... love it ... with a good friend & a Personal Trainer - Tara Hassan once did x3 climbs in one day ... Mt Coolum + Mt Ninderry + Mt Cooroora ... well worth the sweat n tears lol. Sitting at the top with the incredible views in the peace n quite is great for the soul
Jennifer Forster Neil Labinsky is the record holder and 7 time winner of this event (King of the Mountain). The event requires you to run from town to the top and back. Neil has done that in 22.43. My at this event is 35.08. And recently competed at an 8 hour endurance event and did 7 laps (up and down being 1). Checkout
Dan Greene Liam didn’t you smash a 16mins up it this year?!
Liam Previtera Yeah sure did! 16mins from the base to the top of the mountain.

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Not sure if this is for you? It is very steep but the stairs and the chain to hold onto makes it a lot more managable. No, you don't need to be athlete fit to climb this one, but it will get your heart pumping even taking it slow. There's lots of loose rocks so you'll need some decent footwear, I packed a lunch and enjoyed the view while eating it up the top! This is a fun climb and you really will feel like the King or Queen of the mountain once you make it up the top - it's quite the thrill believe me! 😋

What's your favourite mountain to climb? Let us know in the comments below!