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Mount Ngungun ascent - Glass House Mountains



I plan to climb all the mountains we have on the Sunshine Coast that I can by myself. The day I drove to the Sunshine Coast for the first time I smiled from ear to ear with joy when I saw the beautiful Glass House Mountains; proudly protruding the skyline they are a glorious eye-catcher along the Bruce Highway. I chose Mount Ngungun to tackle first as it promises great views of all the other mountains in the range.

As you can see it is a lovely climb which includes a cave. I saw a huge Goanna along the way too! 


Rating Banner Mt Ngungun.png

Not sure if this is for you? In my opinion if you had to pick one mountain out of all of them, this is the one. This gives you the best views without an intense climb. The whole family can do it too, much like Mount Coolum. Regularly people will climb it early in the morning to watch the sunrise. If you are unfit but the force is strong from your partner, mate or spouse to come climb a Glass House Mountain with them - this is the one to pick as you get maximum reward for your climb - this gives by far one of the best views of the Glass House Mountains for minimal effort. If you are fit you'll love the brisk walk up this mountain and the magnificent view it gives you at the top. If you feel like it wasn't enough of a workout I did this and Mount Tibberoowucum in the same day that's only a 5 minute drive away. To climb Mount Ngungun took me about 25 minutes at a easy pace. Pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery.

What's your favourite mountain to climb? Let us know in the comments below!