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Odd Jobs - The Podcast Series


I love being a story teller, I'm interested in how people tick, what drives them and what has lead them to be the person they are now. Most of us spend more time at work than at home during the week so I have created a podcast series to explore those more unusual occupations that people have made careers out of, the job titles that you would have to hand write under 'other' on official forms!

Episode one of the series explores the career of a Pet Psychic. Liza Callen is from the Noosa Hinterland but the job has had her work all over the world, including Peru which is where she was when we had this fascinating chat. Is it a job that naturally chooses you, or can you learn? What's it like communicating with a horse who's reluctant to be ridden now after a past life of doing so in wars? How can we be more intuitive with our animal friends and learn to understand what they have to say? Liza Callen explains and shares stories of the in-depth feelings and concerns animals from around the world have discussed with her as part of being an internationally renowned Animal Communicator.

Episode two of the series explores the career of a Taxidermist. Are some animals harder to work with than others? The ethics behind being a hunter; why kill an animal only turn it into an exact replica of it alive? Why are pets a no go zone? Troy Bradley gives a fascinating insight into intricacies of this under appreciated art form below.

Episode three of the series explores the day to day work of the National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaners. Owner/Director Jerry Cook and 2IC/Operations Manager Pat Cumerford are out on a job while explaining to us in podcast how they keep a level head and steady themselves under such traumatic circumstances. 

If you are having difficulties and need someone to talk to, LifeLine is available 24/7 on 13 11 14.

Episode four of the series explores the day to day work of a Psychic Therapist. What's the difference between a psychic and a psychic therapist, can anyone learn the craft and Paul's thoughts on affirmations, this is all covered in our chat which explores why we linger on certain thoughts and hang ups that can sometimes do more harm to us than good. 

Episode five of the series delves into world of wrestling.  The intense training, brutal injuries, crazy fans waiting for your in carparks and the criticism including being called "fake" is all discussed by Professional Wrestler Ricky Rembrandt and United Pro Wrestling Director Abbey Mac. 

Episode six of the series is a little peak into the world of Stuart McKenzie who runs the business The Snake Catcher 24/7. He calmly deals with deadly animals on a daily basis - it's just part of the job - so what actually scares him? Some hair raising near misses and courageous stories below!

Episode seven: How good would it be to have a Nutritionist deliver premium organic food to your room every day, which could be anything from standard accommodation right through to deluxe?! Reiki is even on offer... but you have to be a chicken or duck to stay there! Kirstie Henning has the unique job description running Happy Hen Holidays!

Episode eight of my Podcast series chats with Movie Director and proud Sunshine Coaster Chris Sun. Being a director isn't an odd job I know, but it is unusual to have a local making so many successful movies here on the Sunshine Coast! Boar and Charlie's Farm are just a few fun horror movies Chris has created. How he mixes comedy and humour, the behind the scenes intricacies of making a movie and how you too can move into the movie making world is all discussed below!

While most identical twins want to be as individual as possible, Paula and Bridgette Powers think of themselves as the same person - even talking in unison. They also run one of the very few Pelican and seabird rescue centers in Australia. How have these ladies handled their fame over the years, the importance of looking after our sealife and brushing off negativity are just some of the topics covered in episode nine of the series.

Episode ten: I didn't realise the science that is behind training humans can be used to train a variety of animals, from beautiful Seals to the majestic Butterfly - even a Tapeworm! Mark Ryan is the Mammals Manager at SeaLife Sunshine Coast and explains how anyone can teach their pet to do tricks and activities through simple target training done in stages. How to do it yourself, even common mistakes to avoid is covered in this podcast - you'll hear that you can even train yourself to do what he and his team does for a living!

Episode eleven looks into the intricate world of minibeasts and their ecosystems that are vital for human existence. It’s easy to forget we basically live in urban jungles filled with these creatures that have survived and thrived for hundreds of millions of years!
Most children at some stage become intrigued about bugs and insects, Alan Henderson has taken that passion and made a living out of being an expert in the field, residing in North Queensland he has an impressive resume and passion for these creatures whose habitat is sadly being destroyed at startling rates. What makes them so special, how to make your home more minibeast friendly and and great macro photography tips are just some of the questions covered in this fascinating chat.