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Odd Jobs Podcast - Seal Trainer


I love being a story teller, I'm interested in how people tick, what drives them and what has lead them to be the person they are now. Most of us spend more time at work than at home during the week so I have created a podcast series to explore those more unusual occupations that people have made careers out of, the job titles that you would have to hand write under 'other' on official forms!

I didn't realise the science that is behind training humans can be used to train a variety of animals, from beautiful Seals to the majestic Butterfly - even a Tapeworm! Mark Ryan is the Mammals Manager at SeaLife Sunshine Coast and explains how anyone can teach their pet to do tricks and activities through simple target training done in stages. How to do it yourself, even common mistakes to avoid is covered in this podcast - you'll hear that you can even train yourself to do what he and his team does for a living!