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Soccor players who know how to act!

I wonder if pro players get acting lessons too as part of their training.. seriously check this out below they can't be serious right? Wrong! 😏🤣

Some people used this as a great example of what's wrong with sport in general...

Pappou CoureasWhat a bunch of Crocs. Look at the penalty imposed on our cricketers because they tampered with the ball... which I might add had no effect on the outcome of the game, yet these BOGUS FALLS, do draw penalties that DO influence the outcome of a game and they get applauded for cheating.... Not Fair.

Steve RyanI wonder if when they watch themselves doing this, that they might ask themselves in their minds eye something along the lines of "am I That much of a pathetic cheating flog"?.The answer is a resounding "yes,yes you are".

Barry McCaulThe players would stop if the referee just ignored the action of the players and reffed the game. They would either stop doing it or carry on long enough that the ref penalises the player on the ground. “Take an acted dive? 10 mins in the sin bin” 
ve you are hurt, bruise etc then get taken off and not allowed back on until a phase of play has passed. 
How would Portugal go then when ‘he’ is in the sin bin twice in a game. 
Officiate the cheats out of the game