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Valentine's Day - being single is not a disease

Let's be honest, each year Valentine's Day is a kick in the crotch to singles. People think you *should* find/have a date for Valentine's Day or it is "sad". Isn't funny how the only bone singles are thrown are token singles parties or a set up - the vibe appears to be over and over again that you NEED to be in a relationship and there is something terribly wrong if you are not.

The thing is being single is not some sort of disease that needs to be cured by your well-meaning friends. What's wrong with being happy, comfortable and content with yourself? Why do people always sigh and look sad for you when you say you are single - I'd rather that than be in a crappy relationship.

This is a little comedy sketch I have created in solidarity with singles that go through a lot at this time of year. It's a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the stereotypical 'helpful' advice singles are given on this which don't actually help at all.