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Being the best you can be - whatever that is!

I heard it said once "don't people want to reach their full potential?!" when I was in highschool and that has really stuck with me. I want to be the best I can be, within my body and soul in *everything* I set my mind to. 🏋️

There will always be someone worse than you and better than you in every facet of life you can think of so I just run my own race and try not to compare myself to others. Seek inspiration from your peers instead. 🙌 It's about mindset - how high up is *your* glass ceiling?

I eat whatever I want, then work it off at the gym! Gaining strength is something I want to work on this year. It is fun to see and feel yourself getting stronger.

Something I still can't do is a simple chin up unassisted - even through my back muscles as you can see are nice and strong they are not strong enough so I keep working at it.

Another thing I have been doing this year are deadlifts. I have in the past steered clear of them because I knew it was dangerous without the right training and my knees aren't the best but I invested in 10 weeks of PT sessions and learnt all I need to do.

If you have been afraid of the gym but secretly would love to have a try, I encourage you to find a personal trainer who is on the same wave length as you. That's the key. There are plenty on the Sunshine Coast and there would be one who is right for you who will make you feel like you can do anything - and you will soon enough - as they will show you how!