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Quicktext fun!

I thought this would be a bit of fun!


It uses quicktext which brings up your most recent and commonly used words. Mine is straight down the line and driven which is me to a T:

Today I'm looking for a new challenge in my experience and skills to see what I have to do. 🤔😂

Lots of fun ones have come up:

Carolyn Staib Today I’m going on my own to get my kids ready for tomorrow morning and then we can go to dinner with you guys and then we will probably just take it home by the way we have some time tomorrow morning to pick you guys up at five

Matt Hold Today I'm a great bunch of people

Julz Quinn Today I'm going to take a photo and send it to you and your wife will be in the left lane at the end of the day and make up for years of neglecting to participate

Kirsty Green Today I'm a bit too busy either way I could not find any information on how much you can do to disappoint the kids and adults alike on the other hand it's not a great time to get the little things that are needing attention. 🤔

Check them all out below and add yours!