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Which festive foods do you not feel so festive about?


Christmas time is the only time of the year where I millions of us eat wayyyyy too much all at the same time and actually pass out from a food coma from it.

It's a wonderful, dreamy time of year where we should all be grateful for what we have got and who we have in our lives that enrich us. It is also a time of year where certain foods are seen in abundance - Christmas Pudding, Shortbread, Egg Nog and Fruit Mince Tart are a few! I won't lie to you, I have tired but don't like any! Cooked fruit just doesn't do it for me, I ate a handful of raw Shortbread dough when I was in year 10 cooking class for a dare and that left me sick for two days and scarred forever, Egg Nog is just gross and again, fruit in a pie?! Nope. Can't do them!

I thought I would ask if I was the only one and if there were any other festive foods you turn your nose up to! White Christmas is a food I haven't eaten yet but it has come up a few times. I'll have to try it!