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Mount Tibberoowuccum - the hidden climb!

tibber small.png

It's a climb less travelled in the Glass House Mountains due to how difficult it is to find the start of the track!

It's worth it though so let me show you how to get there!

You want to park in the Trachyte Circuit Car Park off Marshs Rd. On google maps it is called the Mount Tibberoowuccum Car Park. It's the same thing and the closest place you can park to the beginning of the track.


Walk out of the carpark back out to Marshs Road and turn left, away from Mount Tibrogargan. You are looking for a 4WD track on the left hand side 200 meters along. I have that exact spot above on Google Maps for you!

Head down the track about 400 meters and keep an eye out on your left for a pile of rocks. This below, believe it or not, is the beginning of the track.


I walked past it first time around!

Once you get to this point the track is easy to follow. It is steep, with many unstable rocks. I would be reluctant to bring along small children due to this. The very last part of the climb is a free climb where you have to scramble up a rock face for the last couple of meters. It took me 3 goes to get up the courage. I was confident that I could get up, but genuinely worried I would freeze with fright on the way down. I found someone was already up there and watched them get down which gave me the confidence that I can do it without falling. If you don't want to do it it is OK as the views from where you are are still lovely! If you do you will get an AMAZING VIEW of Mount Tibrogargan that's well wort the extra effort!

If you need somewhere else to park (recently I saw the normal carpark closed for renovations) you can just down the road at Mount Tibrogargan which you'll drive past to get here. It's a 5 minute or so walk back to the Trachyte Circuit Car Park.

Rating Banner Mt Tibberoowucum.png

This climb took me about 45 minutes at a good pace. What's your favourite mountain to climb? Let us know in the comments below!


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