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Rats and bats!

Obviously they don't mix and when they do there is drama.

I was speaking to a friend on the weekend about pets and how I hope in the next 12 months to add two little Papillons to my animal family and he said, like so many people do, 'I love pets but I also travel' as in it is too hard to have the two.

Sure, one of the reasons why I haven't got dogs prior to now is because I do move around a lot for work and it would be unfair if I am also not home much to have pets, BUT once that time in your life comes when you have the house with the backyard and you can juggle your work around to make sure you have time for them that doesn't mean you can't ever travel again.

I drove Millie and Ellie my two pet rats 1500+kms from Victoria to Queensland earlier this year in my car. travelling with rats I can tell you is a lot harder than dogs and hotels are even LESS excited about rats but I planned ahead and made it work. If I travel I make sure I consider where they stay and save whatever extra I need as part of the holiday as they must have a good time too.

When I get dogs, it will be the same.

Back to the bats. At my house the bats love to pop into the trees at night which I think is wonderful. Millie and Ellie have their own room and are usually not bothered by any screeching but over the weekend one came very close to the window and let out a huge screech as the two of them were chomping away at a fresh coconut like royalty. Check out the reaction below!



When you're minding your own business tucking into a fresh #coconut & on a plush bean bag like royalty then a #bat screeches & scares the sh!t out of you! Yes there is glass between us & the 🦇🦇🦇 outside little ones - carry on. 😆🌴😋#rats #preyanimals

— Emma on HOT91.1 (@emmiemae) November 11, 2017

They are prey animals afterall! Love, care, consideration and balance is all part of being a good pet owner. When I rescued these two from an uncertain future I made a promise that I would give them an amazing life; paying it forward for all the terrible things humans have done to the humble rat with animal testing in the past and sadly in some places even now.

They deserve love, like any creature with a heart beat, and they all of mine every day.