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Sunshine Coast Pets

These are my two little Victorians I have picked up on my travels around Australia working in media. Millie and Ellie were abandoned by their previous owner as nine week olds and were looking for a loving home - the 3 of us have been the best of friends ever since I laid eyes on them!

Millie and Ellie.jpg

 Who could say no to those faces? Haha I love them so very much. This photo is of their first birthday celebrations where I got them a toffee apple. (They are mad for apple and sugar so when mixed together it blew their little minds!)

I was curious as to what was the most common pet on the Sunshine Coast; I assumed dogs and then cats but I was suprised by the array! Stick insects, eels, lizards, snakes, even pigs all have loving homes here!

Some beautiful photos were sent through on our Facebook page, take a look and add your own. We'd all love to see!