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How many times have you climbed Mount Coolum?

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I love the outdoors! Every place I move to I always make an effort to see and do everything the place has to offer; climb their mountains, see all the tourist spots etc. This was my very first mountain climb on the Sunshine Coast and a spot where you will meet just as many locals as tourists - many locals love to use this mountain as part of their regular exercise routine.

A was told climbing Mount Coolum will reward you with a wonderful view - it's true. Check out my climb below


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Not sure if this is for you? Lemme put it this way. If your fitness level sucks but you want to sound fit to your mates while getting some sweet photos of you oh-so-active-and-out-there - then this is the mountain for you. If you are super fit, get kicks out of lapping people while trying to get a PB of with how quick you can zoom up a mountain - then this is the mountain for you. If your partner, mate or spouse has been nagging you to come climb a mountain with them one time because it's so trendy and Sunshine Coast like to do so and you feel like you better do one to shut them up - then this is the mountain for you!

It's a little steep but the whole family can easily do it. It took me about 20 minutes to go up at a nice pace. What's your favourite mountain to climb? Let us know in the comments below!

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