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Hot 91.1's Cash Car is the most wanted Car on the Coast.
Why you might ask ? Because it is giving you the opportunity to WIN BIG, and by big we mean a stack of FREE CASH !
Each day, three times a day, the Hot 91.1 Cash Car will be located somewhere on the Coast.Find the car to play.
If you are the random contestant selected, you will play for Cash in the Hot 91.1 Cash Car.
In the Cash Car you will be asked a series of general knowledge questions - with every question answered correctly you will earn cash !
If you answer all the questions correctly you could win up to $1000 CASH !
To see where the Hot 91.1 Cash Car is today, see the Map below !
The Hot 91.1 Cash Car, all thanks to Sunshine Coast's Best Used Car's powered by Cricks Noosa and Nambour.